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The University of Tulsa Petroleum Reservoir Exploitation Projects, TUPREP, is a cooperative industry-university research project organized to address basic and applied research needs of the petroleum industry in reservoir characterization, well testing and reservoir simulation. The TUPREP membership fee is USD 29,000. In addition to funds provided by membership fees paid by the industry affiliates, TUPREP has historically received supplemental funding for complementary research projects, the results of which are shared fully with TUPREP member companies.
Although our ultimate goal is to provide techniques for practical application, some of our research is fundamental in nature, as our objective is to develop methodology that has a sound theoretical basis. Our primary objective is to provide new insights, useful information and tools to our member companies, but we are also dedicated to equipping graduate students with up-to-date technical knowledge and skills so they can become productive engineers in a research and development or technical service environment.

Next TUPREP meeting will be on May 7, 2018 from 8:30-5:30 in Room U3 of Kiplinger Hall at the University of Tulsa.



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Last updated: May 22, 2012