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Master Theses







Student Year MS Thesis
Emil Nurmammadov 2011 Optimization of SAGD Operations Using Derivative Free Algorithms. Abstract
Mehrdad Gharib Shirangi 2011 History Matching Production Data With Truncated SVD Parameterization. Abstract
Mei Han 2008 Application of EM Algorithms for Facies Classification and Measurement Error Estimation. Abstract
Chunhong Wang 2007 Production Optimization under Closed-Loop Reservoir Managment. Abstract
Mohammad Zafari 2005 Assessing the Uncertainty in Reservoir Description and Performance Predictions with Ensemble Kalman Filter. Abstract
Ning Liu 2001 Assessment of Uncertainty Assessment Methods. Abstract.
Rintu Kalita 2000 Conditioning a Three Dimensional Reservoir Model to Gas Production Data, Abstract.
Soraya Betancourt 2000 Comparison of Sampling Methods for Uncertainty Evaluation in Reservoir Flow Predictions. Abstract.
Yafes Abacioglu 1997 Application of Inverse Problem Theory to Analyze Field Data From Multiwell Interference Tests. Abstract
Rajarshi Banerjee 1997 Injection/Falloff Testing in Radially Heterogeneous Reservoirs. Abstract.
Jinguo Niu 1993 Well Testing for Gas Condensate Reservoirs. Abstract
Xuri Huang 1993 Application of the Genetic Algorithm to Reservoir Description. Abstract
Syed Shibli 1992 An Approach to Generating Reservoir Property Descriptions Using Stochastic Conditional Simulation. Abstract
Jorge Manrique 1990 Smoothing Algorithms for Generating Pressure Derivative Data



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