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PhD Dissertations







Student Year PhD Dissertation
Diego Oliveira 2014 A New Hierarchical Multiscale Optimization Method: Gradient and Non-gradient Approaches for Waterflooding Optimization. Details
Mei Han 2012 Reservoir Characterization Using Dynamic Welltest/Production and Microseismic Data. Details
Fahim Forouzanfar 2012 Well-Placement Optimization. Details
Sy Do 2012 Application SPSA-Type Algorithms to Production Optimization. Details
Alexandre Emerick 2012 History Matching and Uncertainty Characterization Using Ensemble-based Methods. Details
Chaohui Chen 2011 Adjoint-Gradient-Based Production Optimization with the Augmented Lagrangian Method. Details
Reza Tavakoli 2010 History Matching with Parameterization Based on the SVD of a Dimensionless Sensitivity Matrix. Details

Yong Zhao

2008 Ensemble Kalman Filter Method for Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Priors. Details

Shi Chen

2007 A Well Test for In-Situ Determination of Relative Permeability Curves. Details

Amina Boughrara

2007 Injection/Fallof Testing of Vertical and Horizontal Wells. Details

Guohua Gao

2005 Data Integration and Uncertainty Evaluation for Large Scale Automatic History Matching. Details

Yannong Dong

2005 Integration of Time-Lapse Seismic Data into Automatic History Matching. Details

Ning Liu

2005 Automatic History Matching of Geologic Facies. Details

Fengjun Zhang

2002 Automatic History Matching of Production Data for Large Scale Problems. Details
Ruijian Li 2001 Conditioning Geostatistical Models to Three-Dimensional, Three-Phase Flow Production Data by Automatic History Matching. Details
Yafes Abacioglu 2001 The Use of Subspace Methods for Efficient Conditioning of Reservoir Models to Production Data, Details.
Gang Zhao 1999 Well Testing for Complex-Geometry Reservoirs. Details.
Zhuoxin Bi 1999 Conditioning 3D Stochastic Channels to Well-Test Data. Details
Zhan Wu 1999 Conditioning Geostatistical Models to Two-Phase Flow Production Data, Details.
Nanqun He 1997 Three Dimensional Reservoir Description by Inverse Problem Theory Using Well-Test Pressure and Geostastistical Data, Details.
Faustino Alonso Fuentes-Nucamendi 1996 A Two-phase Transient Wellbore Model for Simulation of Pressure Data, Details
Luciane Bonet de Souza Cunha 1996 Sampling the A Posteriori Probability Density Function for Permeability Fields Conditioned to the Variogram and Multiwell Pressure Data, Details
Kristian Brekke 1996 Horizontal Well Productivity and Risk Assessment. Details
Jaedong Lee 1996 Analytical Upscaling of Permeabilities for Reservoir Simulation Grid Blocks. Details
Randahl Roadifer 1995 Analysis of Well Test Data From a Restricted-Entry Well Under Multiphase Conditions. Details
Renato de Souza Carvalho 1993 Nonlinear Regression: Application to Well Test Analysis. Details
Rajiv Sagar 1993 Reservoir Description by Integration of Well Test Data and Spatial Statistics. Details
Jinjiang Xiao 1993 Wellbore Effects on Pressure Transient Analysis. Details
Gilvan Feitosa 1993 Well Test Analysis for Heterogeneous Reservoirs. Details
Kirk Hird 1993 A Conditional Simulation Method for Reservoir Description Using Geological and Well Performance Constraints. Details
Yngve Aasum 1992 Effective Properties of Reservoir Simulation Grid Blocks. Details
Fawzi Guehria 1991 A New Efficient Fully-Integrated Approach to Compositional Simulation. Details
Godo Perez 1991 Stochastic Conditional Simulation for Description of Reservoir Properties. Details
Dimitrios Hatzignatiou 1990 Advances in Well Testing for Solution-Gas-Drive Reservoirs. Details
Mustafa Onur 1989 New Well Testing Applications of the Pressure Derivative. Details
Alvaro Peres 1989 Analysis of Slug and Drillstem Tests. Details



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